Crawford Gala Day


Saturday 17th August was Crawford Gala Day. It was a lovely day, weatherwise, and everyone who attended had a great time.

The Gala Court was:

Queen - Rhiannon Burns

Champion - Callum Henderson

Flower girl - Jorgie Logan

Page boy - Cooper Wilson.

They all took their duties very seriously and did very well on the day.

Welcome back

Pupils and staff all returned back to school after a lovely summer holiday.

The school welcomed 3 new primary one pupils:

Erica Bark

Lena Holman

Lucy Mooney

A big welcome to these three pupils.They have all settled really well into the school routine.

P7 Leaver’s Party

On the evening of 18th June pupils and staff were invited to a party by Rhiannon and Euan, our P7 leavers. The party was based on the theme of The Greatest Showman. Everyone played games, had some great grub and enjoyed the fun with Rhiannon and Euan. At 8pm all P1-6 pupils left and the P7 pupils then had fun with the staff. The staff were set challenges and depending on how they did, some were subjected to plates of cream in the face. Mrs Wales come off the best!!!!

A great night was had by all.Great memories to treasure for Rhiannon and Euan.

EuanRhiannonCakesMrs Wales

RHET Tractor Visit

On Tuesday 18th June the pupils visited Abington Primary to take part in a Fun Day. The first part of the day was to see a tractor dressed as a cow. It had visited lots of schools, had raised lots of money and was on it’s way to the Royal Highland Show at Ingliston. The children learned lots about the tractor and even got to sit inside it. There was also a highland cow and calf to see, pat and ask questions about. It was a great day. Each school had to make up a suitable name for the tractor and every pupil entered a colouring competition.

Whole groupTractorTristanRhi and KayJack and CallumEuan and George

Afternoon Tea Party

P4-7 organised an Afternoon Tea Party as part of their Health and Wellbeing topic on eating together and feeling included. They invited all staff and the pupils of P1-3. The older pupils made sandwiches, cakes, jelly  and cookies. Everyone felt good to be included and had a great time.


New P1s Visit School


The new P1s came to school for the first time yesterday. Their  behaviour has been very good and they liked playing with the other wee ones. We are looking forward to welcome them to the school in August.

By Callum P7(next year!)

Our next Visitor


P4-7 welcomed Mrs Chris Anderson to school to talk about her job as Practice Manager at Douglas, Rigside and Coalburn doctors. She gave a very interesting talk and it was fascinating to hear about everything she does.

A huge thank you to all our visitors. Our topic has been a huge success and we have loved hearing about all the careers from our visitors.

Career Visitors

P4-7 are continuing to welcome visitors to the school to talk about their careers. The pupils have been asking great questions and have been learning lots about a range of careers.


Tristan’s Grandpa came in to tell us about his job as a taxi driver in Edinburgh.


Rebecca’s Auntie Fiona came in to talk about her job at Lady Home Hospital in Douglas.


Callum’s Mum talked to us about her job at Standard Life in Edinburgh.


Our very own Miss McCartney talked to us about her previous job as Nicola Sturgeon’s personal assistant.

Face Equality Day

May 22nd was Face Equality Day for the charity Changing Face. We are delighted that Hannah Archibald, ex pupil, is an ambassador for that charity. The pupils decided to have a Dress Down Day for the charity and  anyone who wanted to could donate. Everyone received a butterfly tattoo and designed a butterfly. We have put the butterflies up around the school. It was a great day. IMG_9158IMG_9161IMG_9163