Our New School


Work is well under way on the new Crawford Primary School. On our way to Forest School last week, we had a good look at the progress. We got very excited and cannot wait to move in!

Coalburn Band Concert


On Tuesday 5th September some members of Coalburn Band came to Abington Primary to play a selection of cartoon tunes for the pupils of Crawford and Abington Primaries.4 of our very own pupils were playing alongside some older members of the band. Rory was on tenor horn, Rhiannon was on trombone and Euan and George were on percussion. It was a super concert and we are very proud of the musical talent in school.

Field Trip to the River Clyde

P5/6/7 have started work on their new topic “Go with the Flow”.It is a river study. Last week the pupils went on a field trip to the River Clyde. In groups they had made up worksheets for other pupils to complete at the river. These activities allowed the pupils to get the feel of the river and start to learn lots about rivers in general.


Welcome back!

Welcome back to all staff and pupils after a great Summer break. Everyone has come back refreshed and ready to go. Watch this space to see what the pupils are up to.

The Great Vending Machine Challenge

The Wee Class Sensational Sellers enterprise challenge started today.

The chefs were busy preparing marshmallow treats, popcorn, juice, cookies, veg pots and fruit pots. The packing department made sure everything was appropriately packed and labelled. Our stock controllers worked tirelessly filling and re-filled the vending machine, whilst our administrators made up and distributed the daily menu. Lastly the accountants made sure the cashiers had a float and then counted the money at the end. Whew! A busy morning.image image image image imageH