The Dukes of Uke


Last Friday evening- a night to remember. The Parent Council organised for pupils, staff and parents to attend a concert by The Dukes of Uke at Crawfordjohn Village Hall. The Dukes played at the Closure of the old Crawford Primary and so are old pals of ours. The theme for the concert was Space and what a great repertoire of songs they had. The concert was enjoyed by all.Thank you to Crawford Primary Parent Council for organising this night out.

Mrs Gibson visits P5-7


Mrs Gibson, Liam’s Mum, came to school to talk about her new career in Douglas Pharmacy. She spoke to the pupils about her job and about Health in general. The children learned lots of interesting facts about Health issues and were able to ask her questions about her job. It was a very interesting talk and many of the pupils thought they would like to do something like that as a job when they leave school or university. Thank you Mrs Gibson.

P1-4 Storytelling Session

IMG_0869P1-4 joined their friends from Abington, as well as Mums, Dads and Grans for a morning of storytelling and song at Abington Primary on 9th February. As well as sing-a-long songs they helped with the actions of several stories. They heard the story of How the Rabbit Got Long Ears and Bill Goat’s Gruff. Much fun was had by all.

Burns Poetry Competition

On Wednesday 8th February all pupils recited a poem in Scots.The pupils have been working on these poems since the beginning of January.Every pupil did very well and the judges found it very difficult to pick the winners.

P1/2 winner- Olivia Smith

P3/4/5 winner- Rhiannon Burns

P6/7 winner- Christopher Brady

Highly Commended for his recitation of To a Haggis- Zak Cousins

Here are the prize winners and all the pupils who performed on the day.Well done everyone!


Visit from Ronald Scordia

P1-4 had an exciting afternoon on Wednesday 8th February when they received a visit from Ronald Scordia (Ryan’s dad) who owns a shellfish export company called Angelbond. Ronald brought with him (live) samples of the shellfish he exports around Europe. The children got to handle and see first-hand lobsters and langoustines. They were shown how to hold the shellfish so that they stayed clear of their pincers. The female fish had thousands of eggs (roe) still attached to them. Ronald answered lots of questions about Scottish shellfish and brought a creel in to explain how the fisherman catch them.IMG_0850 IMG_0846

P1-4 Seafood Tasting

On Wednesday 1st February The Wee Class got to try 13 different seafoods from around the world. As well as tuna, prawns, crayfish, mussels, cockles, herring, salmon, and mackerel – there was also special dipping seafood sauces to go with it. We all got a sticker for ewhelkswhelk fishing boatwhelk fishing boat 2very one we tasted. We also got some very special whelks that had been caught fresh on Olivia’s Papa’s boat in the Firth of Forth the day before. They were still alive!



J.R.S.O. Committee Meeting Thursday 26th January 2017

The Junior Road Safety Officer’s committee would like to invite P1-7 to their assembly on Thursday 23rd March at 9am.

The theme will be ‘Cycling Safely’ and will feature an exciting demonstration on what could happen if you are not wearing your helmet; a whole school challenge and a competition (with prizes). See you then! Until then – stay safe!