P1-4 Visit to Sea Life Centre

The Wee Class visited the Loch Lomond Sea Life Centre on Monday` 27th March. This visit was the final part of this term’s Under The Sea topic. We all loved it!! Lynsey, our guide, took us first to the otter holt for feeding time. We saw 3 female otters getting fed and swimming right up to the glass in the tank. They gave us quite a fright when they swum near us. Next we got a tour of the whole aquarium – we saw deep water British fish such as cod and gurnard. The gurnard looked like the grumpy old man in the film ‘Up!’ We also learned that he had ‘feet’ which he uses to taste with. At the ray tank we saw lots of rays and eels. Next we got to touch a shrimp which cleans the dead skin off our hands, followed by a starfish. A favourite part of the day was meeting the lovely sea horses. We were fascinated by the Daddy sea horses – they carry and care for the babies!

Next we went into the big aquarium tunnel where we met lots of sharks and Cassie, the sea turtle! She was eating lettuce and broccoli – which gives her a distinctive green colour.

After lunch and a trip to the gift shop we took part in an aquarium workshop. We returned home exhausted but excited by our busy day.sealife 1 sealife2 sealife3 sealife4 sealife5 sealife6 sealife7

Cross Country Championships


Crawford and Abington Primaries travelled to Lanark Race Course to take part in the annual cross country race. The pupils have been training together on a weekly basis during a lunchtime club. All pupils did very well. In the P6 boy’s race Rory Hunter won gold, Rowan Johnstone won silver and Liam Gibson won bronze.As a result the three boys won gold for their team.Well done boys!


The P7 boys also won the Gold medal for best team. Well done to Paul, Liam and Finlay!


Mosaic on Slate Art Project


We were lucky enough to save slates from the roof of our old school building. We are hoping to incorporate these slates into the fabric of our new school building. Artist Fiona McGregor came to the school to show the pupils and staff her work on slate. She makes beautiful mosaic on slate and everyone was very impressed with her work. She will be working with all pupils to design a mosaic for the new school. She will help the pupils with their designs and choosing the right material to use. Each pupil will represent a place of importance in and around Crawford. This is a very exciting project and we hope to involve parents in the design of the slates. Fiona will be returning to school after the Easter holidays to start work with the pupils.

Science Week


10th March – 17th March was Science Week.Mrs Johnson had planned a week of activities for the school and she kicked the week off on Monday with some exciting experiments in the school playground.The children and staff loved it. A variety of activities were done throughout the week.

Joseph at Edinburgh Playhouse


Pupils and staff went to Edinburgh Playhouse to see Joseph the Musical. They had an amazing time and loved the show. On the way home in the buses they were singing the songs and picking the parts they would love to play. We hope to put our own production on when we move to our new school. A big thank you to the Parent Council who subsidised this trip. It was a very exciting afternoon.

World Book Day

20170302_103305 20170302_103308

After their very busy week at Artsnet, World Book Day was a quiet affair for P5-7. Everyone brought in a favourite book of theirs to discuss with their peers. It was a lovely session and the love of reading and books was very obvious.

Artsnet Project at Hamilton Town House


Last week 7 pupils from P5-7 went to Hamilton Town House on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to take part in the Artsnet project Safe and Sound. This was a wonderful experience for them and it culminated in a concert on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Rory Hunter, P6 and Euan Coulter, P5 had previously been selected as principals and so had been attending extra workshops on Sundays for a month. Well done to everyone who took part. It was a wonderful show and we are all very proud of you!More photos in The Big Class section of this website.