Speedboat trip on the River Clyde

To complete their topic “Go with the Flow” the big class went on a speedboat trip on the River Clyde. They learned lots about the river in Glasgow and how it compares to the river at Crawford. It was a very exciting day. As a treat the pupils also got to go on board the tall ship “Glenlee” and got to see round The Riverside Museum. A great day was had by all.

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Happy 150th Birthday to us

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The pupils and staff of Crawford Primary celebrated the 150th birthday of their wee school by havingĀ  a Victorian School Day.They had Victorian lessons, Victorian playground games, a Victorian lunch and an old fashioned sweetie shop.It was a great day.A big thank you to everyone who helped make it happen.It is something the children will never forget.


Our New School


Work is well under way on the new Crawford Primary School. On our way to Forest School last week, we had a good look at the progress. We got very excited and cannot wait to move in!