Slate Mosaic Project

Tuesday 20th March was a very exciting day in the slate mosaic project. Fiona, the artist of Moontree Mosaics, came to school with all the finished slate mosaics.

This project has been ongoing for a year. The aim was to use 30 slates rescued from the old school and make them in to mosaics to include in the new school.

The aim of the project was for each child to design a mosaic of a local landmark that meant something to them and their families. The pupils then made this design in paper mosaic form. They then had a business meeting with the artist and their parents. They were able to bring any crockery which they wanted to try and include in the actual mosaic.

Fiona then went away with all the designs, paper mosaics and crockery and started work on the 22 slates. The staff also thought of some ideas for the 8 extra slates.

It was with great excitement that the pupils welcomed Fiona back to school on the 20th with all the completed slates.

Each pupil met with Fiona and she revealed their slate to them. Every child was stunned into silence. The slates are amazing and the pupils were amazed with them.

The slates have now been taken to the new school to be placed on the walls. An exhibition will take place soon after the school is open so families, villagers and any interested parties can view the new school and the slates.

A huge thank you to Fiona for all her hard work and to the Parent Council for sourcing a grant from the Windfarms. We couldn’t have done it without it. Watch this space for  information on the Grand Opening!


Engineering Project

Friday 16th March was an exciting day for all pupils and staff. It was the Engineering Showcase, the culmination of a project organised by Miss McCartney.

Engineers from various workplaces visited the school to talk about their jobs. The pupils asked lots of questions. The pupils were then inspired to think of an issue or problem in life which they could solve with an engineering invention. The pupils made their designs and labelled them to show how their design would solve a problem or issue. The pupils all wrote a pitch letter to the judging panel saying why the judges should choose their design to make into a prototype.

On Friday 16th , parents and friends came in to school to look at all the designs and pitch letters. They had then to vote on the one in P1-4 and P5-7 that they thought was the best design.

All visitors were impressed with the designs and realised how much work had been put into this project. Thank you Miss McCartney for giving us this idea to enter the competition. Let’s hope we have some winners!!