People who Help us

P1-3 have been doing a topic on People who Help us. They have had a few visitors to the school to talk about the important jobs they do. One such visitor was ex pupil Fiona MacArthur. She has recently trained as a police constable and came in to school to talk about her training. The pupils really enjoyed talking to her and learning about her job. Thank you Fiona.


The Christmas Countdown

Everyone in Crawford Primary is very excited about Christmas. The pupils are busy rehearsing for their nativity “Hosanna Rock.” The nativity includes films which the pupils have been busy making.


Part of the celebrations this year have been learning about Las Posadas which is a Mexican tradition. The pupils have been acting out the story and learning the Spanish version of the story. Thank you to Nikki the Minister and to Miss McCartney for teaching us in Spanish. We were happy to host a small version of Mary and Joseph who are travelling around the schools in our area at the moment.

Jewellery Making Workshop


The pupils of Crawford Primary were very lucky to get the chance to make bracelets with Miss Bennie. She has been doing work experience at school over the last few weeks. She agreed to teach the pupils how to make jewellery. Every child loved the activity and were delighted to go home with a gift in a gift box, all ready for Christmas. Thank you Miss Bennie.