New P1s Visit School


The new P1s came to school for the first time yesterday. Their  behaviour has been very good and they liked playing with the other wee ones. We are looking forward to welcome them to the school in August.

By Callum P7(next year!)

Our next Visitor


P4-7 welcomed Mrs Chris Anderson to school to talk about her job as Practice Manager at Douglas, Rigside and Coalburn doctors. She gave a very interesting talk and it was fascinating to hear about everything she does.

A huge thank you to all our visitors. Our topic has been a huge success and we have loved hearing about all the careers from our visitors.

Career Visitors

P4-7 are continuing to welcome visitors to the school to talk about their careers. The pupils have been asking great questions and have been learning lots about a range of careers.


Tristan’s Grandpa came in to tell us about his job as a taxi driver in Edinburgh.


Rebecca’s Auntie Fiona came in to talk about her job at Lady Home Hospital in Douglas.


Callum’s Mum talked to us about her job at Standard Life in Edinburgh.


Our very own Miss McCartney talked to us about her previous job as Nicola Sturgeon’s personal assistant.

Face Equality Day

May 22nd was Face Equality Day for the charity Changing Face. We are delighted that Hannah Archibald, ex pupil, is an ambassador for that charity. The pupils decided to have a Dress Down Day for the charity and  anyone who wanted to could donate. Everyone received a butterfly tattoo and designed a butterfly. We have put the butterflies up around the school. It was a great day. IMG_9158IMG_9161IMG_9163

Visit from Kerrie


As part of their topic P4-7 invited Kerrie to come in to talk about her job as a hairdresser. Kerrie started to talk about the brand  of hair dye that she uses in her salon and at home. She also brought in some of her equipment and talked about it before passing them around.  We all asked questions about being a hair dresser and general questions. It was a very interesting.

Developing the Young Workforce Topic

P4-7 are doing a topic called Crawford Careers Convention. They are thinking about the jobs they would like to do when they are older. They have invited many people to come in to school to talk about their careers. The pupils have been making up some general and specific questions for each visitor. So far, our cook Joanne’s daughter Courtney came in to talk about her job as a snowboard instructor in Japan. IMG_9103IMG_9102

That was very interesting.

Next Poppy’s Mum, Jo, came in to talk about her career when she was a beauty therapist. It was really good to hear she would quite like to start doing that work again some time.She will have a queue for massages!


Tea with Teacher

Mrs Wales invited the 3 new Primary 1 mums to come in to school, have tea with her and a chat about how their children will be learning when they come to school. Our 3 new P1 pupils Lucy Mooney, Erica Bark and Lena Holman took part in the structured play fun with Mrs Nunes. We are looking forward to seeing the girls again on the step up days at the end of May.

Visit to Kelvingrove Museum

All pupils and staff travelled to Glasgow on Wednesday 24th May for a visit to Kelvingrove Museum. P4-7 took part in a Time to Time workshop and then had the rest of the day to explore the museum. They all had a great time and even got to spend their money in the shops there.

P1-3 explored the museum first and then travelled across the city to take part in an Egyptian workshop. It was a great day and everyone found it very interesting and great fun.