S1 Farewell

Last Friday George, Callum, Zoey and Nadine visited us so that we could say a proper goodbye to them. We were unable to do this in June because of the Lockdown.

P4-7 organised a sport event The Hunger Games.It was a great afternoon and the refreshments provided by Joanne were delicious.

The S1 pupils were presented with a scrapbook full of good wishes and lots of wonderful photographic memories.We wish them all the very best at Biggar High School and in their future.

gEORGE, zOEY,cALLUMHunger Games 2Whole school


Stick People activities

The P4-7 pupils are still enjoying their class novel “The Stick Man with the Big Bum”

Each week they attempt the activities that the stickman takes part in in the book.

This week they tried to solve conundrums and they made pipe cleaner stick people who have been taking part in adventures at home.

Ellie Stickman 4

Ellie’s stick person is at the park.

Rebecca Stickman 1

Rebecca’s stick person is tickling the rabbit’s nose.


S1s Visit

The Team!! Hunger Games

P4-7 have been hard at work in P.E. planning their “Hunger Games” activity. This will take place on Friday18th September . Last year’s P7s have been invited back to school so that everyone can say a proper goodbye to them. The pupils decided that a sporting event would be what the S1s would enjoy the most. Everyone is looking forward to the event.

P4-7 Stick People

Stick Men

P4-7 are reading the book “The Stick Man with a Big Bum” by Jonny Staples. They have all created their own stick people and are having fun writing stories about them. They are also completing the activities that the Stick Man in the book is attempting.

P1-3 at the Lonely Giant’s Party

Lonely Giant's party

Here are the pupils of P1-3. They are at a birthday party for the Lonely Giant. You can see they are all raising their glasses to say cheers. They had the party as part of their Fairyland Topic. Every week they read a different book and do lots of fun activities. Watch this space for more photos of what they have been up to.


Welcome Back

It was great to see all pupils and staff returning to school after the Lockdown and then the Summer break.

Everyone is happy to be back and all working hard so far. The curricular focus for this term is Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing.

P1-3 have started a Fairyland topic and P4-7 are doing a unit study based on the book “The Stick Man with the Bug Bum” by Jonny Staples. Both classes are enjoying the activities in class and outdoors.

We will update you as the work progresses.