Plenty Twenties in 2020

The pupils are looking forward to a trip to see The Lion King on the 4th March. The pupils are finding interesting and enterprising ways to help them raise the funds for the trip. So far there has been a Tabletop Sale and a Roald Dahl Day Book Sale and Coffee Morning.

This term, the pupils have each been given a Smartie tube. They are trying to fill it with 20p coins. Full, a Smartie tube holds over £12.00. The pupils are motivated and are thinking of ways  to earn the 20p coins.

We would be very grateful to anyone who is willing to save 20ps for us.

Plenty twenties

Take a bow Crawford Primary School

This was the headline in the local paper this week as HMIe published their inspection report following their visit in June.

The newspaper report read:

One of Clydesdale’s small but highly valued schools has passed its latest inspection by Education Scotland.

The inspector spoke of Crawford Primary School in glowing terms, saying its main strengths were: ” The caring, inclusive environment where children are well supported through a collaborative approach from a whole school team. Children who are well behaved, confident and articulate.

They are supported by strong parental partnerships and take a pride in their school and community.

Strong relationships and a positive climate for learning. These are fostered by the headteacher and staff team.”

All staff and pupils are delighted with the report and look forward to continuing to work as a team.