End of Term 1

Both classes have worked hard all term, getting back into the way of school life. They have all enjoyed seeing their friends and teachers again.

The Big Class loved their unit study “The Stick Man with the Big Bum”. They enjoyed trying lots of activities that the main character tried. The favourites were Chalk outlines, Squirt Toy and Live by the Dice.

Squirt Toy chalk outline 10chalk outline 6

The Wee Class have loved their Fairyland topic. The dragon asked them to create their own fairy tales which they did.

Fairyland story books

All pupils are looking forward to their October holiday and are excited about the new term.

Stick People activities

The P4-7 pupils are still enjoying their class novel “The Stick Man with the Big Bum”

Each week they attempt the activities that the stickman takes part in in the book.

This week they tried to solve conundrums and they made pipe cleaner stick people who have been taking part in adventures at home.

Ellie Stickman 4

Ellie’s stick person is at the park.

Rebecca Stickman 1

Rebecca’s stick person is tickling the rabbit’s nose.


S1s Visit

The Team!! Hunger Games

P4-7 have been hard at work in P.E. planning their “Hunger Games” activity. This will take place on Friday18th September . Last year’s P7s have been invited back to school so that everyone can say a proper goodbye to them. The pupils decided that a sporting event would be what the S1s would enjoy the most. Everyone is looking forward to the event.

P4-7 Stick People

Stick Men

P4-7 are reading the book “The Stick Man with a Big Bum” by Jonny Staples. They have all created their own stick people and are having fun writing stories about them. They are also completing the activities that the Stick Man in the book is attempting.

Forest School

Monday 9th March was our latest Forest School Day at Fairy Gate Wood. All pupils and staff walked to the wood and after the health and safety checks,  took part in a fun filled day.

The pupils made popcorn over the campfire, built giant nests and created journey story sticks. Lunch was enjoyed around the campfire. This was followed by marshmallow toasting. At the end of the day there was time for freeplay which is always a big hit.

A big tidy up and then the walk home. It was a cold day but the children were too busy and well clad to even notice!

March 3March4March1March5March 2

Cross Country

cross countrycross country 1cross country2

P4-7 travelled to Lanark Race Course to take part in the annual Small School Cross Country event. The whole team had been training well and did their very best on the day. Well done to everyone.

The P7  team of boys got the gold medal and the P7 team of girls got the bronze medal. Well done to them!

All that hard work was worth it.

The Lion King

lion king

The whole school went to the Playhouse Theatre in Edinburgh to watch the musical The Lion King. The children had been doing lots of fundraising to pay for the event. They had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the show. A big thank you to everyone who donated to their fundraising activities.

Cycling Workshops

P4-7 have been braving the cold this week to participate in Cycling Workshops. They have been learning basic skills and also skills needed to be a road user.P4/5 worked in the school playground and P6/7 worked in the streets of Crawford.Well done everyone and thank you to Vicky and Tilly for their patience.