Back to school

All pupils have returned to school after a lovely October break. The wee class have started a farm topic and the big class have started a Global Storylines topic “Our Crop, Our Land.” The pupils are all very enthusiastic and looking forward  to this term’s teaching and learning.

Music lesson 1 Term 2

The Big class receive their music lessons online from Mr Johnstone at the moment. Granny display

The Big Class have started a class novel “Granny” by Anthony Horowitz.

Dictionar y Race

P7s looking for their spelling words in “Dictionary Race”.

Forest School Day 1

The pupils from P1-7 experienced their first Forest School Day of the year, just before the October holiday.

The children walked to Fairy Gate Wood and on arrival the big class trampled down the overgrown areas around the fire circle and the paths.

They then did the risk assessment so they would be safe during the activities.

The wee class made toast over the campfire with Mrs Nunes. They ate it with jam on.Yummy!

The big class made clay faces with Miss McCartney.

The activities were then swapped round and after that it was free play.

The children did a half day in the woods as it was the first one of the year.

They walked back to school and had a yummy lunch of soup and fish fingers from Joanne.

All in all it was a great day.Big class at campfire Wee class at acmpfire Walking to Fairy Gate Wood

New Sign

painted sign at front door

The pupils of P1-3 made this beautiful sign for the front door. They each coloured in some rainbow letters. They were then displayed on this piece of wood donated last year by former parent Mrs Mhairi Hunter. She thought we would be able to use it in some way. She was right!

Thank you Mhairi!

S1 Farewell

Last Friday George, Callum, Zoey and Nadine visited us so that we could say a proper goodbye to them. We were unable to do this in June because of the Lockdown.

P4-7 organised a sport event The Hunger Games.It was a great afternoon and the refreshments provided by Joanne were delicious.

The S1 pupils were presented with a scrapbook full of good wishes and lots of wonderful photographic memories.We wish them all the very best at Biggar High School and in their future.

gEORGE, zOEY,cALLUMHunger Games 2Whole school


School Closures

Due to Covid 19 all schools in Scotland are closed for the foreseeable future.

The pupils of Crawford Primary School went home with Home Learning Packs made up by their teachers. They all have access to Google Classrooms too.The teachers are assigning extra tasks in the online classrooms and pupils are busy and hard at work.

Keep working hard boys and girls and keep active by doing your Daily Mile. Stay safe and stay home.We hope to see you all back in school very soon.

Military Museum

On Monday 17th February P4-7 pupils travelled to Wilkieston to visit the Military Museum as part of their topic on World War Two.

The pupils and staff had a great day there. After an initial look around the museum the pupils did an alphabet quiz. This involved them looking around the museum for clues. After lunch the pupils were able to try on real gas masks and handle weapons. This was great fun for the pupils.

This was a fabulous outing and the pupils got lots of information to help them with their topic.

war1 war3war4war5war2