Celebrations at Crawford

Panto Trips

The Parent Council organised a trip to see Peter Pan at Motherwell Civic Centre. What a great night…..Oh yes it was!


Our Visit to Lanark Panto “The Wizard of Oz”




Buddy appeared on stage with Lanark Panto!!

Buddy appeared on stage with Lanark Panto!!



Christmas Lunch 2016

Thank you Cheryl!



Hallowe’en Party 2016



I’m a P7, Get me out of here!

On Thursday 16th of June the whole school performed the  P7 leavers play I’m a P7 get me out of here.There were 7 challenges for the P7s to complete and Dec delivered the challenges. All pupils joined in with the singing and the dancing. The songs were As we go now, 7 years, History, Whip nae nae, The best that we can be and As we go now again to finish it off. All the pupils enjoyed performing and the audience really enjoyed it too.

Easter Crafts

On Monday 14th March we had a eggcellent day (get it?). There were six stations  at the Easter Craft afternoon. There was one where we got to decorate eggs (not real ones of course!). There was one where we had to quill on an egg with different colours. Another one where you got an egg and we had to stick tissue paper to it. There was a basket decorating place as well where we put in a chicken and then added some Easter eggs and Star Wars chocolates (George Anderson made the Star Wars chocolates). There was also  a station were we made stain glass Easter Eggs.A big thank you to the Minister Nicki who told us a lovely Easter story at the start of the session.



Chinese New Year 

February 11th was Chinese New Year celebrations.Everyone in school had made a big effort to wear red on the day. Cheryl cooked a special Chinese themed lunch which everybody enjoyed. The pupils of P5/6/7 had done presentations about Chinese New Year for the wee class so everyone knew the traditions associated with Chinese New Year. The Big Class decorated the hall and the table for the occasion. Every pupil received a red envelope with surprises inside. There was also a fortune cookie for everyone.It was a great celebration.Thank you Cheryl!

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 Christmas Crafts at Crawford

Wednesday 16th December

All the children enjoyed a glitter, paint and glue-fest today.

The end results will be heading home with the children very soon!

They included funky googly-eyed reindeer, painted with feet; glass painted decorations and glittery snow globes.

Many thanks to Finlay’s mum, Helen, for her help and assistance.








Sing a Song for a Baby

On the 14th of December the school participated in the Nativity called Sing a Song for a Baby. The big class were the Narrators and the choir and the wee ones were the fantastic actors.The Nativity turned out very well in front of all the adults. They all loved the full thing. It was Mrs Orr’s first time seeing it the whole way through and she loved it.  Well done boys and girls. A big thank you to the Parent Council for providing refreshments for the audience. P7 pupils had been running a Gingerbread house raffle and a Guess the Teddy’s birthday competition. An amazing sum of £107.55 was raised. Well done and thank you to everyone who bought a ticket.

Christmas Blog Poem

By Mrs Wood and Mrs Wales


The first signs of Christmas

Have begun to appear

Trees are up and decorated

And not even a tear.


Advents up

In both  of the classes

Boys get their shot

As do the lassies.


The post box is in

Tall and bright red

Get your cards written

Nice messages said.


Nativity practices

Are in full swing

Teachers are shouting

“Sing children sing”.


Nativity costumes

Tested and tried

Repairs here and there

“Looking good”, we all cried.


The Wee Class were banned

They were told off you see

For uttering aloud

The word beginning with ‘C’


But now its December

They have Mrs Wales’ permission

To begin the festivities

And they love THAT decision.


Christmas cards arrived today

They’re all looking really good

Mhairi Hunter did the hard work

She is a scanning dude!


There is a coffee morning today

At the village hall

We are singing our Christmas songs

We bet they have a ball


Spelling is so good just now

The words are so much fun

Christmas, baubles, brussel sprouts

Learn them , get the job done!


Panto time in Lanark

Aladdin, what a laugh

A man dressed up as a lady

He didn’t half look daft.


“He’s behind you”, “Boo and hiss”

We all joined in when told

No we didn’t? Oh yes we did

We booed the baddy- how bold!!


A second trip to Panto

Was planned for all of us

Parent Council did the hard work

And we piled on the bus.


Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Was the story this time round

We had fun, what a laugh

All rolling around on the ground.


School nativity is now done

The baby’s story was told

Christmas cheer for everyone

Whether young or old.


Shepherds, angels, 3 wise men

Mary and Joseph too

The story was told by the kids

The audience got the clue.


Christmas crafts fun day

Glitter everywhere

Snow globes, reindeer, glass paints too

The results will make you stare.


Church service was next to come

3 schools did attend

Singing, reading, playing the brass

A great message we did send.



That’s all for just now folks

More verses we will write

A busy time coming

We are off for the night.