Liam Davie, Commonwealth Silver Medal Winner Visits School

Liam Davie visited school and spoke to the children about his life as a gymnast.He brought along his silver medal and answered all the questions from the pupils.All pupils and staff took part in a circuit that he set up.The children had been sponsored for this circuit and raised over £650.An amazing total for a school of 26 pupils.Well done everyone.Some of this money will help Liam with his preparations for the next Commonwealth Games and some will go into school fund for the children to enjoy.

Here are the pupils and staff in action!

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Crawford Primary school consists of two classes- the big class,P5/6/7  and the wee class, P1-4.

There are currently 13 pupils in each class.

Here we all are at last year’s Red Nose Day celebrations.

Red nose day 007