Session 2016/17

P5-7 went to Biggar Rugby Club on Monday 10th October.They played 6 matches and won every single one.As a result they won the tournament.Well done Team Crawford.Great effort! A big thank you to Mr Peter Gibson for his help on the day and to Biggar Rugby Club for organising the event.



Burns Poetry Competition

25th January, the birthday of The Bard, was our annual poetry competition. All pupils learned a Scottish poem and had the confidence to stand on the stage and recite it in front of the whole school and the judges. This year our judges were Mr and Mrs Gemmell, next door neighbours to the school. They had a really hard job as everyone did so well. A huge thank you to them for giving up their time and doing the job so well. The results were as follows:

P1- Olivia Smith “Grandpa, Grandpa”

P2- Kayleigh Wilson “The Crocodile”

P3- George Anderson “The Dentist”

P4- Euan Coulter “Listen tae the Teacher”

P5- Christopher Brady “The Blue Doo”

P6- Finlay Damer “The Ballad of Janitor Mackay”

P7- Tilly Trickey “To a Haggis”


Here are the prize winners and the judges.

Well done to everyone and a special well done to Ben, Tilly and Hannah who learned every verse of “To a Haggis” by Robert Burns. Quite an accomplishment.


Recent Successes

Pupils were asked to design a front cover for  the Christmas edition of the Church magazine for the Upper Clyde Church of Scotland. Our very own Zak,P6, got 3rd place in the competition for his design of the nativity scene. Zak won a £10 book token. He was very pleased and we are very proud of him. Well done Zak!

Pupils from Crawford entered Aileen Campbell MSP’s Christmas card competition. Our very own Hannah, P7, got runner up in this competition. Her design showed Santa climbing Tinto Hill and getting stuck! Well done Hannah! We are very proud of you. Aileen Campbell is coming to visit Hannah in school on the 22nd December.We are looking forward to that.