Countdown to Closure

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Old Crawford Primary is demolished.



Arriving at Abington Primary to begin our new adventure


Countdown to Closure

Crawford Primary School building will be closing in June. We are getting a lovely new school. We are participating in a topic called Countdown to Closure. We will be celebrating the life and history of the old building and looking forward to the future in our new school. Every activity will result in a display which will form part of the exhibition at our Open Evening on Tuesday 7th June.


Mr Earl from the Lanarkshire Family Historical Society came in to school to look at all the old registers and log books which date back to the opening of the school in 1875. He photographed entries and will collate the information into a booklet for display in our new school. Thank you.


The Time Capsule Many years ago a time capsule was buried in the school garden. Ex pupil Louise Mooney and her husband had dig in the spot to try and find the time capsule. Unfortunately there is no sign of it. We will have to ask the demolition team to have a look when they are in with their diggers!


The Final Countdown

1 day to go


2 days to go


3 days to go


4 days to go


5 days to go


6 days to go


13 days to go

The Open Evening

A very exciting day.Mrs Hunter of the Parent Council gave out goody bags for each child and staff member which contained a Countdown to Closure polo shirt, a pen, a mug and notelets.

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Mr Earl then arrived in school and gave each pupil and staff member a memories book which contained photos of the school and other interesting items from the present day school.It was a lovely surprise.


Here are the pupils at their stations ready to welcome the many, many visitors to the open evening.


18 days to go


The pupils visited the war memorial in Crawford and thought about all the people who lost their lives during the war.In school they made a replica of the war memorial and displayed poppies alongside it.


21 days to go Mrs Wood’s age. Aye right!!


24 days to go

Although there are 24 hours in a day, we spend 6 of them in school.What were those hours like in school during World War 2? To explore this the children had a visiting teacher from 1939 – Miss Wood. Miss Wood was really strict and quite scary. We had to be evacuees from the city and she made us sit in rows, stand up straight and face the front. We had to chant wartime spelling words, write with pens on old-fashioned paper and we had to say our times tables (up to 12) altogether. She made everyone write with their right hands, even if they were left-handed. Some of us had to sit with the dunce cap on. She even belted some of us outside the classroom. The nit nurse arrived to check our heads, nails and ears. We were all glad when the bell rang at the end-of-the-day and Mrs Wood came back into the class.

28 days to go Mrs Wood has been at Crawford Primary for 28 years!!This wall display is a tribute to all of the past pupils of this wee school. 20160516_151152[1]

34 days to go

The pupils looked 34 years into the past and looked at photos of their parents, grandparents and staff in 1982!!! They then looked 34 years into the future and thought about what their lives may be like in 2050.”Our future’s so bright, we have to wear shades.”


39 days to go

This display was called 39 Steps to Stardom. The children looked at a selection of the wonderful school shows the pupils have put on over the years at Crawford.The children designed programme covers.


43 days to go

The pupils learned about the Second World War years and looked at the school log books to see the real evidence of the evacuee children who came to their school. 20160427_151334[1]

48 days to go

More staff photos

20160421_090401[1]  20160421_090413[1]

49 school days to go

All teachers are different. Each has their own little things that make them special. Mrs Wood’s little thing is 7 x 7 =49.She loves that times table. So day 49 was the teachers’ turn. We have drawn pictures of our current teachers and have written what is special about each of them. On this wall we have also included lots of photographs of past staff members

. IMG_7606[1]

50 school days till closure

Fave 50

The pupils thought of their 50 favourite things about Crawford Primary. Here they are in action working together to create the first wall display. IMG_7603[1]IMG_7602[1]IMG_7601[1] IMG_7609[1]