Forest School

Forest School Tuesday 17th January

A lovely mild, dry day for our Winter session at Fairy Gate Wood.

Activities today included clay faces, animal eyes, making cookie dough bread on the campfire and catapults! Everyone agreed they had enjoyed their day. The children described feeling ‘free’, ‘happy’, ‘contented’ and ‘excited’ by their day in the woods. Some of the children wanted to build an outdoor school and spend all day learning outdoors.

Making Clay Faces


The Completed Clay Faces


Forest School Shots




Forest School Monday 14th November 2016

Our Autumn trip to Forest School is always a favourite. It’s lovely to see Fairy Gate Wood with all it’s red, orange and brown leaves lying in thick piles everywhere. Lots of fun!

The children took part in 4 activities today – popcorn making on the campfire, making and telling woodland stories, leaf i.d. (With Miss Beattie) and picture frame making.

Everyone enjoyed learning new skills and practising old ones.

The rest of the day contained lots of favourites – Trust Game, Sit Spot and toasting sandwiches and (giant) marshmallows on the fire.



ForestSchool Monday 12th September 2016

We were all very excited to be back at Fairy Gate Wood for our first session of the year. We found the wood looking very wild and overgrown, but this just added to the fun! We had to carefully creep through the long grass, trampling the nettles as we went, eventually reaching base camp – the Top Fire Circle!

Our activities today included making headbands from wool, dream catchers and whittling (with sharp knives). We loved all of the activities and, of course, there was a chance to explore and play in the wood with our friends.

We enjoyed a lovely camp fire with hot chocolate, hot orange and marshmallows.

Scroll below for some great photos.

Forest School 2016/17

We have 4 dates planned down at Fairy Gate Wood this session -

Monday 12th September 2016

Monday 7th November 2016

Monday 16th January 2017

Monday 8th May 2017


Monday 12th September 2016

First Forest school of the session 2016/17



Get the kettle on Mrs Nunes


Sit Spot


Camp Fire’s Burning


Finlay’s Group on Task


Dream Catchers


P1s love The Fairy Gate Wood


Headband Making


Looking the Part


What a great Dream Catcher


Whittling in the Wood




Time to feedback at the Fire Circle


Heading Home


The Long Walk Home


Monday 6th June

Our last Forest School day of this school year! It was great fun! We did our annual risk assessment of the forest by going round the wood and ‘pegging’ all the dangers.

After snack time Mrs Wales asked us to do a task- to make a game, den or challenge using rope and other materials. We could do anything but it had to involve rope.

When we had lunch Ben sang some campfire songs and a good day was had by all!

Callum says “I enjoyed making dens and playing in the hammock”

Rhiannon says “I enjoyed toasting the sandwiches”

Olivia says “I had fun when I had hot chocolate and did den building”

Rory says “I liked making dens”

Ian says “I liked making the rope games”

Emma says “I loved everything!”




Monday 18th January

Our first snowy Forest School day! We were all wrapped up and ready – many layers, hats, gloves and scarves. The Coulters even brought their own firewood! Mrs Nunes kept a roaring campfire going all day, soup was served at snack time – and we all had a ball! Time in Maths was our focus for this session and we were all busy doing time activities for part of the day.

CPS January 2016 070CPS January 2016 072CPS January 2016 075CPS January 2016 077CPS January 2016 094CPS January 2016 095CPS January 2016 103CPS January 2016 104CPS January 2016 101CPS January 2016 102CPS January 2016 105CPS January 2016 098CPS January 2016 090


Thursday 11th November

Our latest Forest School Day took place on Remembrance Day. One of our favourite FS activities ‘Sit Spot’ took place at 11am, when we all took 5 minutes in our favourite Fairy Gate Wood spots to think about all of those who lost their lives in conflict.

The main purpose of our day was storytelling in the woods.

The Big Class had all written stories inspired by Bog Baby, which we read on our last visit.

Everyone set about making storytelling dens so that we could be comfortable and cozy when we read the stories.

The stories were a great success.

Throughout the day we kept the campfire burning – and we were able to enjoy hot chocolate, toasted marshmallows and popcorn.

We can’t wait for our next Forest School Day – Monday 18th January.




Next Forest School Day -

Wednesday 11th November 

A reminder about clothing…. on FS days there is no need for your child to wear school uniform. Old clothes are best. Layers of clothing are good on cold days along with warm socks and sturdy shoes or boots. A change of clothes is also a good idea. School waterproofs are available for every child if needed.


Our Forest School site is Fairy Gate Wood close to Castle Crawford. The little metal fairy gate, through which the fairies come and go, is often left open, which tells us that they are not home. If the gate is closed we know to be very quiet, as the fairies are at home.

We try to visit as often as we can, particularly when the seasons change. In 2013 every child at Crawford Primary planted a tree in the wood and we love to check the trees to see how well they are growing.

When we visit the site we check the bird boxes for eggs or chicks; build dens; play stick games; heat water in our Kelly kettle for hot chocolate; toast marshmallows; build mudslides; or just find our favourite ‘sit spots’ and just do nothing….

We especially love to take new visitors – parents or new P1s, and show them  our favourite Forest School games.

Monday 31st August 2015

Our first Forest School session of the school year was a great success!

Our P1s loved the Fairy Gate Wood and took part in all the activities with huge smiles on their faces. We spent time exploring the woods to see what changes there had been since our last visit. We all enjoyed ‘sit spot’ – taking time to find a favourite spot and just relax. After a snack of hot chocolate we enjoyed Mrs Wood reading ‘The Bog Baby’ book to us. We can’t wait to write our own stories about who lives in Fairy Gate Wood. We all played ‘The It’s Not a Stick!’ Game and had fun creating and inventing games with the sticks we found lying around. After lunch and some campfire songs, the Big Ones went off to do some maintenance and managed to create a pathway all the way to the top fire circle! Lauren came and got The Wee Ones and acted as a tour guide to take us up the new path. We all loved the top fire circle! We decided to light a fire and sat around it tasting wild raspberries and talking about how much we love being back at Fairy Gate Wood.


Forest School clothing – please note that on FS days there is no need for your child to wear school uniform. Old clothes are best. Layers of clothing are good on cold days along with warm socks and sturdy shoes or boots. A change of clothes is also a good idea. School waterproofs are available for every child if needed.



The all important buggy squad transporting Forest School equipment to the Fairy Gate Wood.