Junior Road Safety Officers

JRSO Assembly 23rd March

The JRSO’s planned and delivered an exciting assembly aimed at raising awareness of cycle safety. They showed us all could happen if we were involved in a cycle crash and we were not wearing a helmet. They then set everyone the challenge of making an egg carrier. We all had fun testing our eggs by dropping them from a height to see if we had designed our egg carriers with enough protection. We had great fun – but with a very serious message! Wear your helmet on a bike!

Cycle Helmet Competition – the results of the cycle helmet competition are….

Wee Class – Sophie, George and Olivia

Big Class – Emma

We hope you enjoy your prizes. Thank you to everyone who entered. Please have a look at the winning designs on the JRSO noticeboard.JRSO






Minutes of Meeting held 8th November 2016

Chaired by Finlay

Minutes by Carmo

Next agenda by Ruby

We tidied the JRSO box. We found JRSO badges for all of the committee.

We then found 2 competitions for the next assembly.

We decided on a prize for the Big Class and one for the Wee Class.

We also like the idea of doing a road safety rule for each assembly.

Agenda for next meeting:

  • Make a competition folder
  • Decide on future competitions
  • Decide on road safety rules for future assemblies


Minutes of First Meeting

Held 6/10/16

We have agreed to do minutes for the JRSO wall and website. We will take it in turns to do minutes.

We have agreed each meeting needs a chairperson. We will take it in turns to be chairperson.

We brainstormed ideas for things our committee should be doing.

We prioritised 4 things for our next meeting. See agenda below.

Agenda for next meeting

  • Launch of competition
  • JRSO working area
  • Badges for all JRSO committee
  • Tidy and sort JRSO boxes in staff room.



Session 2016/17

Here are the pupils who make up this year’s J.R.S.O. committee. Their first meeting will take place on Thursday 6th October and will be led by Mrs Wales.






After the Easter holidays, the big class are starting Bikeability again. In case you don’t know what this is, we go out into the playground or onto the road and ride our bikes. We also get taught how to signal and safely ride a bike. Everyone  is looking forward to that. Look out for us riding safely around Crawford.




The winners of our Word search competition are Zak Cousins in 1st place and Ruby Prictoe as our runner-up. Zak won a road safety CD and Ruby won a reflector keyring.

Last week’s sign of the week was the NO HONKING YOUR HORN sign

This is what it looks like:



New JRSO Competition to be launched at Thegither Thursday (14/1/16) - Word search

We are also doing a speech on how to be safe while walking across the road when it is icy and snowy.

We are starting a road sign of the week: we will ask who knows what the sign is and we will say what it is for. They might get a little prize for knowing the sign.


The Winners of the JRSO competition

Big Class

1st Lauren,  2nd Rory and Hannah,  3rd Ryan and Ruby,

Wee Class

1st Euan, 2nd Rhiannon, 3rd Poppy


Lauren: It was a good competition. I am very proud I won.

Hannah: I am glad I came 2nd.

Rory: I am really impressed with myself.

Ruby: I am very impressed

Euan: I never thought I would win until I did.

Rhiannon: I am really happy I came 2nd.

Poppy: I am very happy I came 3rd.



J.R.S.O. competitions

On Thursday 15th of September we announced our first competitions. The wee classes competition was that they had to design a high viz jacket or a bike. We got lots of entries from the wee class. They were all very good. The prizes for 3rd place is a seatbelt cover, 2nd place was a little torch and 1st place was a notepad and a pack of pens.

The big classes competition was that they had to design a JRSO badge. We also got a lot of entries. We were very impressed. The big class prizes for 3rd place was 2 bright badges, 2nd place was a packet of colouring pencils and 1st place was a ruler, 2 key ring’s and a badge.

J.R.S.O trip

Hi, Ben and Tilly here,

We went to Chatellerault 2 weeks ago and we really enjoyed it. Here are some photos from the trip;


Here is Ben in the Argos truck learning about blind spots.


Here we are looking on our map that goes all around the park.


Here we are with WOW!

New JRSOs 

This year’s J.R.S.O.s were voted by the pupils of P5-7.They are Tilly Trickey and Ben Coulter, both P7 pupils. They were both chosen as it was felt they had the correct skills for the job. They are both looking forward to the J.R.S.O. Open Day at Chatelherault on Thursday 3rd September.

Watch this space for their plans for the year.