Making Rights Real Committee

Meeting 4


At this meeting the members of the committee used digital technologies to design a poster which would teach the other pupils in school about their rights. These will be displayed around the school.

Meeting 3


At this meeting the pupils recapped on the work they have covered so far.They then discussed the right of all children to have good food, clean water and the right to see a doctor if they are ill.They split into groups and started work on designing posters to show these rights.


Meeting 2


The committee talked about the rights of the child and how lucky they all are to have these rights.They discussed the fact that some children do not get their rights and it was decided that they would organise a Bring and Buy sale after Christmas to raise money for children who are less fortunate than themselves.


Meeting 1


See link below to view minutes.



Session 2016/17

Here is the Making Rights Real Committee for this session.This is a new committee in our school and will be led by Mrs Wood.The first meeting will take place on Thursday 6th October.