Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning Challenge Friday 20th January P1-4 from both Abington and Crawford were given a challenge in the little wood between our two schools. The children were asked to bring a teddy and something to carry it in. They were then challenged to work in their groups and build something to transport their teddies from one area of the wood to another – without touching the ground. Every group had access to ropes, string and scissors. The children came up with all kinds of zip lines, pulleys and hoists. There were lots of skills used – problem solving, communication, trial-and-error, decision-making and working together.

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Make, Build – Fun!! P1,2,3 and 4 from both Crawford and Abington have been enjoying working together for the last 3 weeks on an exciting project called Make, Build, Fun! Using both the indoors (for cookery) and the outdoors (for building with loose materials) and fire-making, they have been learning new skills and making new friends. img_7986 img_7987 img_7988 img_8020 img_7997 img_8022 img_7996 img_8026 img_7994 img_8016 img_8003     Financial Education Week The Wee Class ended Financial Education Week with an outdoor design lesson. Using the loose materials and chalk they designed their own new coins of the realm. I wonder what Her Majesty would think of the queens heads they made?                                           Me.    imageimageimageimageimage         IMG-20140515-WA0015IMG-20140515-WA0003IMG-20140327-WA0002We are very proud of all of our Outdoor Learning at Crawford. Our favourite places are Cleghorn Glen, the top of Tinto Hill and Fairy Gate Wood, where we do our regular Forest School sessions.Learning outdoors is such fun – whether it’s toasting marshmallows on a camp fire or building dens, we enjoy dressing up warm and getting muddy. We love sitting together singing ‘repeat-after-me’ campfire songs or telling stories.