The Big Class

Session 2016/17

Gibblesville Big Weekend.

To celebrate the end of their topic “Our Crop, Our Land”, P5-7 pupils planned a big celebration. They all made a huge effort with their farming outfits and it was a great celebration.Thank you to everyone who made it such a success.


Artsnet Project.

7 pupils from P5-7 were involved in the Artsnet Project Safe and Sound.This was aseries of workshops at Hamilton Town House which culminated in concerts last Wednesday and Thursday evenings. It was agreta experience for all pupils involved and especially for Rory Hunter and Euan Coulter who were chosen to nbe principals in the shows.The photos show what a great experience it was.Well done everyone!


Happy New Year to all our website readers.

All pupils returned to school after a lovely Christmas and New Year break. The hard work has begun again.

The Big Class have started their new Global Storylines topic called “Our Crop, Our Land”. Watch this space to see what the children are up to.


The pupils designed cash crops to grow in their fictional farming community.They then voted on the ones they liked best.The winning crop was a combination of the 4 crops in the photo above.


Emma and Christopher working on the Gibblesville frieze.


The pupils invent harvesting machines to harvest their crops of Gibblesticks.


Christmas Crafts with Mrs Damer

Thank you Mrs Damer.A great, productive afternoon. Goods will be on sale on our craft sale on Wednesday 21st December at 1.30pm in Crawford Village Hall.


Gold Leaf Toadstools

A friend of the school, Mr Elliot, donated a box of goodies.It contained wooden toadstools, gold leaf paper and tools. The pupils had a wonderful afternoon decorating the toadstools with the gold leaf.They look amazing!Thank you Mr Elliot.



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Healthy Christmas Snacks with Miss McCartney 20161213_10273220161213_10272420161213_10265720161213_10261520161213_10040820161213_100346

The Book Fair

The Book Fair took place in school last week. The pupils had a great time browsing and buying and an amazing amount of money was raised. As a result, the Big Class were given this great pile of books for their class library. Thank you to everyone who supported the event.


A surprise gift was delivered to the Big Class on Thursday 1 st December.Everyone was very excited by the arrival of Buddy the Elf. The children have been asked to look after him for the month of December by none other than Mr S. Claus. They have been warned he may be a bit mischievious!Watch this space! 20161128_19190820161201_11462320161201_11464020161201_11453620161128_191925

Buddy using his potty in class!!!

Buddy using his potty in class!!!

Buddy on the way to swimming at Coalburn Pool.

Buddy on the way to swimming at Coalburn Pool.

Buddy had a rave overnight, listening to the Christmas cds.

Buddy had a rave overnight, listening to the Christmas cds.

Naughty Buddy- graffiti a;; over the work programme!

Naughty Buddy- graffiti all over the work programme!

Buddy hiding in Cheryl's fridge.

Buddy hiding in Cheryl’s fridge.

Buddy mixed up all the jotters in the tray.

Buddy mixed up all the jotters in the tray.


Buddy appeared on stage with Lanark Panto!!

Buddy appeared on stage with Lanark Panto!!


Advent Calendars


The Poppy Morning

Tuesday 8th November was the first event of Crafty Crawford Kids.They had a stall at the Tuesday village coffee morning.They had made poppy crafts and had baked poppy themed cakes.They also held a raffle.The morning was a great success and the children raised more than £200 for Poppy Scotland.An amazing job!!A huge thank you to everyone who helped in any way.

20161108_100143img-20161108-wa0003img-20161108-wa0004img-20161108-wa0005img-20161108-wa0007 img-20161108-wa0008img-20161108-wa001020161107_18163420161107_181630

Enterprise is the Business

This term P5/6/7 are doing an enterprise topic.They have set up a business called Crafty Crawford Kids. They designed a logo and all jobs in the business have been assigned.The aim of the company is to raise funds for Poppy Scotland and for the school. Their first event is on Tuesday 8th November.They will hold a stall at the Crawford Village Coffee Morning in the Village Hall.They will be selling poppy crafts and home baking.Fingers crossed it is a great success. 20161103_100440120161103_1004301

Biggar Rugby Tournament

On Monday 10th October the pupils of P5/6/7 were invited along to Biggar Rugby Club to take part in a small schools rugby tournament.The children were very excited.Every pupil had a turn playing for  the team and they won every match they played.As a result they won the tournament and received a lovely shield.A big thank you to Mr Peter Gibson for his help and advice on the day and to Biggar Rugby Club for organising the event.Great team effort!


Was Britain Great during World War Two? is the topic P5/6/7 are looking at this term .Here are the pupils wearing their gas masks during a drill practice! 20160830_14194020160830_141948

The pupils have been learning how Britain prepared for war.In groups they have researched Evacuation, Blackouts, Shelters and Rationing. photo3photo2rorys-groupevacuee-case

The pupils have been learning what happened during The Blitz and did some great art work with Mrs Bailie.


Carlos and Carmo’s Mum visited to teach the pupils about cell biology.What a great afternoon.


Maria gives a talk on cells


The experiments are explained


A strand of hair under the microscope


The Microscope


Scientists hard at at work


Cheek cells


Cheek cells


Onion skin ready for the microscope


The nucleus of cells

Crawford Primary at Abington Old School

Here is our new classroom in the old Abington Primary.We have settled really well and the work is already appearing on the walls.A new adventure and we are all loving it. 20160824_090422 20160824_090416 20160824_090359   20160524_144522[1] 20160524_144522[1]Bikeability P5-7 have been doing Bikeability over the last 7 weeks. P5 were doing Bikeability level one and P6 and 7 were doing level two. P6-7 were learning how to signal left, right, how to go from major to minor and minor to major, when to do an emergency stop and how to do a slow down and stop. After all the training and learning from mistakes, it was the day of the test. we were all nervous but mostly confident and excited. We all did our best and enjoyed ourselves. We all found out our results at the end of the session and we all got level A (That’s the best level.) which means we could all cycle to Abington for the big picnic!    Cycle and picnic at Abington 20160609_092808[1]    20160609_145729[1] Last week the whole school went to Abington’s new school and the Big Class CYCLED! The ride was good and Mrs Wood and Mrs Nunes came too. We got a quick tour of the new school, which is lovely, and then we played some games like outdoor snakes and ladders and did their mini obstacle course or ‘Trim Trail’. For lunch we had sausages in finger rolls, sausage rolls and mini baguettes and sandwiches with cheese, chicken and ham. We then did the last couple of activities and cycled back to Crawford. The p5-7 pupils had passed their Bikeability tests so this was a good chance for them to put everything they had learned into practice. Crawford Bowling Club The Big class have now finished their Bowling Club taster days. They enjoyed them thoroughly. But now they have learned to play bowls the Bowling club is doing an After School Club for the whole school from 3.15 – 4.15 on a Thursday evening. You can join the club and pay to have a membership which will let you use the Junior bowls that the club got a grant for. The Bowling green is lovely and people from the class are already playing. It  will also be run over the summer. The pupils of the Big Class have been invited by Crawford Bowling Club to visit the bowling green for 3 Thursdays. The pupils were given tuition by some members of the club.Session 1 went really well and the children picked it up really quickly. They had a great morning and the volunteers were very patient.Thank you.20160512_110539[1] 20160512_110600[1] Tools for Reading The Big Class love Tools for Reading. They enjoy the range of activities and strategies which help them to understand the texts they are reading. Here is some of their work on display. IMG_7573[1]     Suss oot Scotland Travel Brochures To complete this part of our topic each pupil got to read the travel brochures other pupils had produced. They had to peer assess it, saying what they liked about it and things that could be improved. Everybody enjoyed reading the brochures and learned lots about Scotland from them. IMG_7572[1] Hello China Group Presentations To finish off our Hello China topic, each topic group presented their findings on China to the rest of the class.It was a very interesting afternoon. Some presentations had a quiz and one group had an  activity where you had to match a caption to a photograph. Well done everybody! Let’s hope we all get to visit China one day. IMG_7571[1]IMG_7570[1]IMG_7569[1]IMG_7568[1] Copycats On Sunday 20th March 3 pupils from Crawford Primary were part of a team in the CBBC television programme “Copycats”. They had been for an audition in January and got through. They were put up in a hotel in Glasgow the night before the show and then were filming the game show from 8am till 11am.It was an amazing experience for Hannah(team leader), Tilly, Rory and also for the 3 adult members of the team Donna, Mhairi and Mrs Wood. It was great to meet Sam and Mark, the hosts, and to see how a television programme is put together. They were all treated like stars going through wardrobe, hair and make up before the filming. Watch this space for news of when the programme will air on CBBC. 20160320_07301920160320_07334120160320_07403120160320_073711

Cross Country Championship at Lanark Race Course Last week P4-7 went to Lanark to take part in the Cross Country Championship.Everyone took part and did their very best.It was tough going but we did manage to come home with a gold medal.Rory in P5 won his race.What a great achievement for him.Well done Rory! Well done to everyone who took part! 20160317_11314020160317_10264620160317_10554620160317_12102220160317_121819   Our Visit to the Samye Ling Monastery P5-7 visited the Samye Ling Monastery on Tuesday 8th March as part of their study of China. They went to learn lots about the religion of Buddhism. It was a great outing and the pupils were amazed by what they saw there. They learned lots from their guide Peter, who answered their questions really well and was impressed with their existing knowledge of China and the world. The pupils had the chance to take part in a meditation exercise in the temple. This was an amazing experience and Peter was impressed with the behaviour and respectfulness of the children. All in all it was a great day and a fantastic place to visit . Thank you Samye ling for making us all feel so welcome. IMG-20160308-WA0024IMG-20160308-WA0023IMG-20160308-WA0019IMG-20160308-WA0022IMG-20160308-WA0021IMG-20160308-WA0020IMG-20160308-WA0018IMG-20160308-WA0017IMG-20160308-WA0016IMG-20160308-WA0015IMG-20160308-WA0019IMG-20160308-WA0013IMG-20160308-WA0007 Mandalas Here we are making mandalas in the school playground. This was part of our work on Buddhism. Thank you Miss Malyon, it was great fun! IMG_0830[1]IMG_0834[1]IMG_0834[1]IMG_0843[1]IMG_0839[1]IMG_0846[1]IMG_0847[1]IMG_0848[1]IMG_0849[1]   Museum on the Mound Visit Our Financial Education week kicked off with a visit to the Museum on the Mound. It was a great day and all the children learned lots. They took part in four workshops- Kists and Keys, What is Money?, Making Notes and Heads and Tails .Each workshop was really interesting and the activities were varied and exciting. Probably the highlight of the day was seeing £3,000,000!!!!! 20160222_121608 20160222_13224920160222_12324220160222_11513820160222_114450   Our Topic “Suss Oot Scotland and Hello China” The big class are really enjoying their topic this term. In “Suss Oot Scotland” the pupils are each creating their very own Tourist Information brochure. In “Hello China” they are researching aspects of life in China e.g weather, housing, farming and tourism. In groups they are creating a display board of information to share with others. 2015-01-15 19.42.282015-01-15 19.42.002015-01-15 19.41.52 Cross Country Training IMG_7360IMG_7359IMG_7358 Training is in full swing for the cross country championships next month.The weather has been bad but the pupils have struggled through. Let’s hope the next few weeks sees an improvement in conditions. Ian’s Mum Visits IMG_7361 Ian’s Mum came to visit P5/6/7 to tell us all about the time she lived in Hong Kong. She was a little girl at the time but could remember lots. It was a really interesting chat and the pupils learned loads to help them with their topic on China. She brought in photographs, chopsticks and a beautiful parasol. Thank you Annabel. It was a great afternoon. Hannah’s Team go to Copy Cats AuditionIMG-20160131-WA0009IMG-20160131-WA0018IMG-20160131-WA0006 Hannah and her team went to BBC Studios in Glasgow at the weekend to audition for CBBC television programme Copy Cats.It was a great experience for the children and adults alike and it was a lot of fun. They were all interviewed in the Hot Seat, had to do a party piece and got to try out a couple of the games.Fingers crossed Hannah and her team are successful! Celtic Connections Concert P5&6 had a great outing on 20th January as part of their topic “Suss oot Scotland”.They visited Glasgow Royal Concert Hall to see a Celtic Connections Concert.They had a ball!!Dancing, clapping and yeehaaing.They saw a group of youngsters from the Royal Scottish Conservatoire, a trio who stepped in at the last minute “The Paddy Callaghan Trio” and a multi nationality group “Nexu”.The Concert Hall was packed with many excited children and the atmosphere was electric.A great experience for all the children. CPS January 2016 154CPS January 2016 127CPS January 2016 128CPS January 2016 139CPS January 2016 131CPS January 2016 144CPS January 2016 142CPS January 2016 152 CPS January 2016 156CPS January 2016 147   Time Activities at Fairy Gate Wood Here we are in action at Fairy Gate Wood carrying out Time activities. CPS January 2016 080CPS January 2016 081CPS January 2016 082CPS January 2016 083CPS January 2016 084CPS January 2016 085CPS January 2016 088CPS January 2016 093   Happy New Year Happy New Year to all the readers of our page. We hope you all have a great happy and healthy 2016. We are all back and keen to work hard in 2016. P5-7 have started their new topic “Suss oot Scotland” and “Hello China”. It is a comparative study of Scotland and China. All pupils are very keen  so far. Cross Country training has now started in preparation for the Small Schools Cross Country Championships at Biggar. Scots Language P5-7 had a very special visitor to school last week. He was Pete, who came to teach the children some Scots. He is from the highlands and has a very strong dialect. He taught  some great Scots words and he told the children a great story which everyone believed ( and so they got gold chocolate coins for believing!) Pete and his wife Carol live in Gibraltar now and so they both told about their life there. The children learned lots about the Royal Navy and Gibraltar. The children sang Highland Cathedral for Carol and Pete before they left. It was a great visit and everyone hopes that Carol and Pete will visit again some time.   Swimming Block The P5-7 class are starting a 12 week swimming block on a Friday with Mrs Robinson. This replaces our P.E on a Friday,but Wednesday P.E sessions will continue as normal. There are 2 groups - intermediate and the beginner group.  We all are doing well in swimming. We have learnt front crawl, back crawl and the beginner group are practising putting their head in the water. Food Technologies Over the last few weeks P5-7 have been taking part in food technology lessons with Mrs Hamilton on a Thursday afternoon. They have made smoothies and dropped scones. They have tested how much sugar there is in drinks. The results were interesting and made the children think about the type of drinks they choose. Here they are in action. IMG_7247 IMG_7245IMG_7244IMG_7243IMG_7242IMG_7241IMG_7246 St Andrew’s Day IMG_7261IMG_7264IMG_7265 Thi day wis oor patron saint day. Oor teacher asked aw the lassies and laddies  tae ware a wee bit o tartan. We made oor ain miny oor Wullie  comics and we done some Scottish  singing  and aw the class tryit Irn-Bru oitcakes an shoart-breid. Ma best freend  Rory played o flower o Scotland wi his horn.It wis a braw day and we aw fair injoyed it. Report written in Scots by Liam P5 The day, the weans fae the wee schule warnae in class. I thocht they war joukin the schule but they war awa tae see a ferm. I did ma schule-wark and had a blether wi ma pals. We made oor aen Oor Wullie comic strip. Ma favourite part aw the day wis the fuid tastin’. Jings crivvens, help ma boab. Report written in Scots by Ben Coulter P7 We designed tartan for a  Play Scotland competition. Here are our attempts. Pretty good we think. IMG_7270   Stopwatch Investigations The big class are working on Time in Maths just now. Here they are in action doing Stopwatch Investigations. It was great fun! IMG_7235 IMG_7236 IMG_7237 IMG_7238 IMG_7239 Coalburn Band Concert  On Sunday 18th October Coalburn Bronze Band was joined by some of Leadhills Bronze Band and Whitburn Youth Band to play at Biggar Municipal Hall after a workshop at Wiston Lodge . The lodge was very nice, the kids were allowed to play outside before it started. We got to the hall at around about 7:30 pm. We had 8 children from Crawford Primary School playing in the band and they played excellent. The band played Viva la Vida, Pomp and Circumstance, Djembe Funk, Shake it off and the James Bond Theme. All bands together played  the Peter Gunn Theme.  Coalburn Competition at Perth    On Saturday 21st November 7 pupils from Crawford School who play in Coalburn Bronze Band  are going to Perth for a competition.They all feel ready for it but most of them feel a little bit nervous. Watch this space to hear how they got on. Rory, Tilly, Ben, Hannah and Euan went all the way to Perth, which was a lengthy  journey for us but we finally got there for the competition in Perth Concert Hall . They did super. They came second even though they made a big leap from one category to another. Euan Meikle, the conductor, was very happy and proud of the band.   See you Perth in 365 days.   Fair Trade  The big class have started a Fair Trade topic this term.To start the topic off we had four questions they were : What is Fair Trade? How does Fair Trade work? Where do Fair Trade products come from? and How does Fair Trade help? We are looking forward to learning lots over the next few weeks. Harvest Festival On Thursday the 8th of October Crawford Primary went to the harvest festival in Abington church and Abington Primary joined us. We sang Harvest Samba, The Farmer Comes to Scatter the Seed and Jubilate Everybody. Also there were readings by Kalila and Finlay while the rest of the class did the actions. All of the pupils took part and donated food to the food bank. We would like to thank Nicky McDonald, the minister for leading our service. Rugby On Tuesday the 6th October the big class went to Biggar rugby training building for a festival. We had a lovely time and the class won 3 out of 5 games, they won against Abington, Lamington and Leadhills. We had a fun time at the rugby festival. We were able to use the skills that Callum had taught us. rugby ball20151006_13182320151006_131805 Wind farm visit On Wednesday the 7th of October the school went to Clyde Wind farm near Elvanfoot. We were there for 2 hours.We went up a hill to see one of the wind turbines. It was a very steep hill that we would have had to walk up so we took the bus.Everybody went underneath the turbine and thought that the blades were going to chop our heads in half, but we still had fun. It was very windy on the top of the hill.The people that were our hosts were very kind to all of the school.We all loved every minute of it and had so much fun until we had to leave. We were very sad. Then we went back to school. 20151007_13323720151007_13475320151007_133314 Spindle River In our New Lanark topic we have been reading Spindle River, it is a book based on the fictional family the Sinclairs. They come from Wick. Their Mum is called Cristina Sinclair. Jockie, Betty, Tam, Davie and Henny are the children. We are enjoying the book. It is very interesting. Mrs Wood reads it with us when we get time after we do some work on New Lanark. The book is about what happens after they move into New Lanark and about how they work. Our Writing Hut In our Scrumdiddlyumptious topic we have built a Roald Dahl writing hut. We have put spine shavings, a sleeping bag, a rock with spiky crystals in it, some pencils, rubbers, an electronic sharpener and some books, as that was what Roald Dahl had in his writing hut. We have painted the door yellow and the walls brown so it looks like wood. We have been using it for writing in it. We have a big picture of Roald Dahl next to the door. The real writing hut was in Roald Dahl’s back garden. Our writing hut is looking good and it has not been broken yet but we are hoping it won’t break. We are always careful when we go into it. IMG_7034 IMG_7032 IMG_7029 Wind energy In Miss Smith’s class, we have made wind socks and we tested them out. They worked really well and showed us which way the wind was going. We have been learning about wind power in our renewable energy topic. We are looking forward to our trip to the wind farm on October 7th. IMG_7018 IMG_7015 Art In art with Mrs Robinson we have been doing work tied in with our RME topic ‘Peace’. We have also done a full school piece of art using line, which is our main art focus. For the full school piece of art we had to all design a quarter of a circle and then we mounted it and it looks amazing. We have cut out doves from black paper and drawn lines coming out from the back of it to resemble the doves that Noah sent out every day to find land. They are in the art gallery on the wall outside the Big Classroom. Here are photos of our work: IMG_6980  New Lanark Book Fair On Thursday the 10th September we went to New Lanark to see the author Theresa Breslin. She talked to us about her book and we had a chance to buy the books. After that we got a private tour of Mill 3. It was amazing then we had lunch then a treasure hunt around New Lanark then we went to the park. 20150910_103202 20150910_10320920150910_140658 Here we are chatting to Theresa before she started her talk. She was a really nice person and gave us lots of tips for writing our own stories. We sat on the steps having a look at the books we bought. Journey to a Fairer World- New Lanark and Fair Trade 20150914_152059   For our New Lanark topic we have a frieze in the classroom and we are continuously adding to the frieze. So far we have added:

  •  Trees
  • People
  • Smoke
  • Windows
  • Pictures
  • Slates
  • Doors
  • Cobblestone pavement
  • Facts
  • Pictures

We have been learning about the mills and the factories. We are reading Spindle River which is about the factories, mills, the infant school and the nursery. 20150910_14002620150910_13205420150910_135825   Rugby     The P5/6/7 class have been participating in rugby sessions for the past 3 weeks and will be doing a festival in October. Callum and Rhiannon have been coaching them. They have mainly been practising tag rugby. Scrumdiddlyumptious Topic Scrumdiddlyumptious is the classes’ main literacy topic. They are reading many of Roald Dahl’s books as part of this. The topic is about Roald Dahl. They have done a visualising activity from Boy by listening to the description of Mrs. Pratchett who is the horrid sweet shop owner and they have drawn her. 20150914_152113 For the Enormous Crocodile they wrote a crocodile acrostic poem. 20150914_152121 For the Twits they made masks and covered them with wool to show hairiness.  Next week they will be making a new medicine for Georges Marvellous Medicine. 20150914_131840 20150914_152135   Our Class Blog - ICT Groups Hi, we are the group that will be updating and are responsible for the Big Class blog. We hope that we can make our blog as exciting and interesting as possible. We are Ben, Zak, Ruby and Rory. We will be updating this blog until the October Break. The other groups are the photo group and the games committee. The people in the photo group are Lauren, Finlay, Christopher, Hannah and Liam.The people in the games committee are Tilly, Kalila, Ryan and Ian. The photo group is updating and uploading photos for the rest of the website and the games committee are looking for maths and language games to put on the website for all of the school so the pupils can play at home. Coalburn Band Open Day 20150829_14442520150829_14440920150829_144415   20150829_144950 The Coalburn Bands are: The percussion academy, Coalburn Bronze Band and the Coalburn Silver Band.The bands are encouraging and fun. If you want to visit the website and join the bands click the link below: On Saturday 29th August 5 pupils from The Big Class and one pupil from the wee class took part in the Coalburn Band Open Day. These photos show them in action. It was a great event which showcased the talent of the band members and encouraged new people to join this successful band. The Big Class The “Big Class” is made up of pupils from P5/6/7. Their teachers are Mrs Wood, Mrs Robinson and Miss Smith. P5 pupils are Christopher, Rory, Ruby, Ryan,Ian and Liam. P6 pupils are Zak and Finlay. P7 pupils are Tilly, Hannah, Kalila, Ben and Lauren. This term the pupils are very excited to be working on the Literacy topic “Scrumdiddlyumptious” and the Social Studies topic “Journey to a Fairer World”. Here are some class members in action last session! Red nose day 025Red nose day 024Red nose day 029