The Wee Class


The Wee Class are loving working with Numicon! We have been using it for counting, odds-and-evens, times tables, symmetry, pattern and problem solving.

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The Sea

We have been learning about Scottish seafood. We found out that around the coast of Scotland we find shellfish, white fish and oily fish. We enjoyed looking at video’s of how the fisherman catch and process the fish. We are looking forward to some seafood tasting on Wednesday 1st February. Olivia’s granddad is a whelk fisherman in the Firth of Forth so we look forward to finding out more about his job. Ryan’s dad runs a seafood export factory in Glasgow. He is coming into school to talk to us on Wednesday 8th February. We’ll report back!

Our New Topic

The Wee Class topic in Term 3 will be The Sea. We brainstormed what we would like to learn about and we have a plan -


Under the sea





So far, we have been looking at the World map and identifying the 5 main oceans – Atlantic/Pacific/Southern/Arctic and Indian. We looked at The British Isles and could see that we are surrounded by water, because we are an island. We can point to the Irish Sea, the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel.

Our next activities will look at sea life – we want to find out if all the animals in the sea are fish.

Scotland Street School Museum

The Wee Class absolutely loved their trip on 14th December! Our museum guide (Iain) was brilliant. He told us all about the scary teachers in old fashioned schools before letting us try out old toys. We used hula hoops, skipping ropes and a whip and peerie. He got us to think aboutimg_0493things we could play with if we were poor. We then got to do a workshop about materials that toys are made from. We had to divide the old and new toys up into categories.

At the end of the workshop got to make a peg doll which we were allowed to take home. After lunch we got to explore the museum and sit in the old classrooms. Some of us got to pretend to be the strict teacher!

Church Visit

P1-4 visited Upper Clyde Church this week with Miss Beattie as part of their RME topic on religious buildings.They had been learning about the significant items in a church building – christening, pulpit, bell, aisle, hymn board, lecturn and communion table.


Skipping Festival

P1-4 went to Biggar Sports Centre on Monday 28th November for an afternoon of skipping challenges. Along with lots of other small schools they took part in games which were all designed to help with skipping and keeping fit.

Working with Miss Beattie

The children are enjoying lessons with Miss Beattie at the moment.

The whole class is working on an imaginative writing project based on woodland creatures. Everyone has designed their own elf or fairy who lives in the woods. These will be made into story books to share with The Big Class.

In Practical Maths Miss Beattie has been focussing on Time. As well as telling the time (analogue and digital), The Wee Class have been working with timetables and daily routines.

With both our Toys topic and our RME (religious buildings) we are all looking forward to our planned trips.

We are visiting The Scotland Street School Museum on Wednesday 14th December for an old toys workshop. Miss Beattie has arranged a trip to Upper Clyde Church on Friday 9th December to look at the significant aspects of the building.

Mrs Margaret Bone

The Wee Class welcomed a special visitor this week. Mrs Bone popped in with two lovely bags of family toys to share with the children. Most of them were between 40 and 60 years old. They included Sindy dolls, corgi cars and trucks and a beautiful baby doll called Molly. Molly has visited school before. She was christened at Abington church a few years ago when Mrs Scott was the infant teacher!

Miss Beattie

The Wee Class are delighted to be working with Miss Beattie for the next 6 weeks.

Miss Beattie is a post-graduate education student from Strathclyde University who is working towards full teaching registration.

She will be working with all of the children as well as planning blocks of lessons in writing, practical maths (time) and our topic – Toys.

Art in Nature – the works of Andy Goldsworthy

The Wee Class have been enjoying learning about the work of local artist and sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. His work is all about using nature to create pieces of art outdoors which are then retuned to nature by the elements. His style of using leaves, berries, seeds, stones, sticks and flowers in spirals and concentric circles has been inspiring us to try some of our own.

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Welcome Sophie and Ellie!

The Wee Class are delighted to welcome our 2 new Primary 1′s – Sophie and Ellie.

Both girls have settled in so well and it feels like they have been here forever!. The girls love hard work, especially reading and new Jolly Phonics sounds.

Maria Monteiro and the Super Cells Project

We are delighted to have Maria in school this term. She is a microbiologist working with the optical company, Leica and has organised a special microscope to be sent all the way from Germany for the children. We were all fascinated to view our onion cell samples and cheek scrapings under the microscope. We saw them in amazing detail when they were projected onto the clever touch screen.

She also arranged for some very gruesome slides to be sent from the hospital in Dumfries and these showed the cell detail in some of our internal organs – including pancreas and bowel. The Wee Class would like to thank Maria for all of her hard work with us – and Leica for all of the freebies!

See The Big Class page for photo updates!

Our Flat Adventures

The Wee Class got a chance to experience being posted inside a giant envelope last week. They all climbed in and tried to imagine what it would feel like to be posted. They also chose items to take with them on their journey. Suggestions varied from ‘a nappy’ to ‘a photo of Mum and Dad’!

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Designing an Unbreakable Egg Carrier

P1-4 enjoyed designing a carrier to protect an egg, which was then launched from a great height!

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Visit the Outdoor Learning page to see what The Wee Class have been up to outdoors….

The Museum on The Mound

We all loved The Bank of Scotland museum. Whether it was making our own coins, cracking codes to open safes or deciding how we were going to spend a million pounds – there was something we all enjoyed.

                 image image image image

Well done Olivia, Kayleigh, George and Rhiannon for such clear and confident recitals of their winning poems at the ceilidh.

A big well done to all in The Wee Class for your songs and dances.

image image image image Family Ceilidh Friday 12th February

The Wee Class are practising hard for the ceilidh. We are working on the 7 verses of Red YoYo….look out for a surprise appearance from 2 famous presidents!

The 3 Craws is coming along nicely. This week we added actions!

The Adventures of Flat Stanley begin

The Wee Class posted their very own Flat Stanleys to their home addresses last week.

Stanley will then join the family for an adventure or two which we hope to tell you more about as they unfold!

Bon Voyage Flat Stanley!

 imageimageimageimageimage                                                               Twelfth Night

The French traditionally celebrate Epiphany or fete des Rois by making a King Cake or galette des Rois.

Inside the cake they put small charms or favours (feve)…the person finding them gets to be King or Queen for the day. By tradition, the youngest member of the family slices the cake.

So….we thought we’d have a go! After rolling the pastry, we all had a stir at the sugary filling before popping in two feve. Whilst the cake was stick warm, Rebecca (the youngest) cut the first slice. Rory and Jack were lucky enough to find the charms – Kings for the day!

image image image image   Christmas Challenge

Can you build a long, strong flying machine that can transport items from The North Pole all around the World. It must be able to steer and navigate. Here are the results…


Skipping Festival

Friday 11th December

Much fun was had by all!                                                                        image

image imageimage

Cooking with Colin the Carrot

Colin, from The Go Fresh Gang visited Crawford on Friday especially to see The Wee Class. Colin, brought along Julie who helped us chop up carrots, leeks and turnip for vegetable soup. Whilst the soup was cooking all of the children got to make their own bread rolls. Julie then surprised us with The Bush Tucker Trail game. We closed our eyes – and got to taste spinach. Yum! All of us got to take home Go Fresh Gang fridge magnets and a box containing our own soup and rolls.

Many thanks to Julie, Cheryl and, of course, Colin the Carrot for such a fun afternoon.

                                    image  Farm to Fork Day – Monday 30th November

What a fantastic day enjoyed by P1-4! First we visited Boghouse Farm at Crawfordjohn courtesy of Mr Kenny Johnstone. Kenny gave us a really interesting tour of his farm and explained how all of the different animals are cared for. We saw 3 young calves, the cows and bulls indoors in the shed and his sheep. We learned lots about what food products they produce and what kind of feed they need to produce the best meat. Kenny showed us some of his farm machinery – the quad bike, equipment and tractor. At the end of the visit Kim, the sheepdog gave us a sheepdog display, moving sheep very skilfully into the next field.

After that it was off to Abington Primary who kindly invited us to use their premises for lunch. There was time to meet both classes, enjoy some time in their woodland then taste a delicious mug of soup, cooked by Rosie.

In the afternoon we were off to Tesco at Lesmahagow, where the Community Champion, Norah was waiting to give us a tour of the store. We got to see all of the departments ‘behind the scenes’ including the bakery, freezers, the loading bays and the store rooms. Then it was on to the canteen where we got to taste some of their delicious freshly cooked bread with meat and cheese. The bakery had very kindly baked us each a pancake and pastry which we got to decorate. Before heading for the bus Norah took us to the tills where we saw the pipes along which Tesco blow the capsules containing all the money. We got to blow our very own surprise up into the cash room – a Brussels Sprout!

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageFarm Visit update – Monday 30th November.

Please wear school uniform (top half), warm trousers, and wellies or boots.

Packed lunches needed. No homework bags needed that day.

The farm we are visiting is Boghouse Farm, Crawfordjohn, courtesy of Mr Kenneth Johnstone and family.

Farm Visit

We are off to visit a local farm on Monday 30th November.

This will be followed by  Farm to Fork store visit to Tesco, where we will receive a tour of the bakery.

Details will follow very soon!

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Food and Farming

We are all enjoying our new topic on Farming. We are learning lots about farming around Scotland. The Royal Highland Education Trust have lent us a topic box, which we are enjoying playing with.

We are loving cooking with the farm products – From Farm to Fork!

Rhiannon’s Mum has been helping us. So far we have made savoury and sweet muffins and Perfect Pizzas.




Nice wee mention on Deloittle Ride Across Britain website today. The cyclists appreciated our cheering!

Just a wee reminder that The Wee Class are off to the Science Centre on Monday.

We are booked into the Planetarium show and then have the opportunity to see the Science Mall.

Please wear school uniform. A packed lunch is required.


Making patterns Making patterns[/caption]

IMG_6944 IMG_6943 IMG_6942Hamish’s ‘Whirry Bang’.261 Making our solar system.260 Our P1 Jolly Phonics.259264 262265

Welcome to The Wee Class.

Our teachers are Mrs Wales and Miss Smith.

Mrs Nunes helps us too!

Our P1s are Rebecca, Poppy and Olivia.

Our P2s are Jack, Carlos, Kayleigh and Carmo.

Our P3s are Zara, Callum and George.

Our P4s are Rhiannon and Euan.

We are doing a topic about Hamish McHaggis. These books by Linda Strachan take Hamish and his friends on lots of adventures around Scotland.

Carlos says – Hamish’s friends are -Angus-Rupert-Jeanie!

We are studying Space for Science. We have made planets out of papier mache for a class solar system.

Carmo says – Mars  is    a     hot    place.